In 2006 Vinventions started a research journey to understand how oxygen ingress through the closure influences wine development across a variety of functions: grape varietal and type, wine making techniques, oxygen management practices, bottling line performance and other parameters.

The findings were ultimately integrated into future closure designs including the Select Green Series with each product having a customized oxygen ingress rate specifically chosen to provide optimum wine development just as the winemaker intended. With WQS, Vinventions has further applied its expertise to developing a line of uniquely innovative analyzers, equipment and services designed to provide real-time wine quality control.

The flagship product of the line, NomaSense O² P300 & P6000, is now regarded as the industry standard for precisely measuring oxygen at every point in the winemaking process, most notably bottling. NomaSense Polyscan P200 is based on a breakthrough technology platform that now permits real-time phenolic measurement. It features future potential as a universal measuring device for a host of important wine quality parameters. The entire line of WQS quality control tools and services is offered to Vinventions customers and wineries seeking ways to optimize wine making, bottling, and wine preservation.

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  • Real Time
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  • Accurate

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  • Inerting
  • Advance gas management

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