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House of 7 Brands

As the most comprehensive provider of closure solutions worldwide, Vinventions' “House of 7 Brands” includes a portfolio of seven product and services brands designed to support the diverse requirements of still and sparkling wine producers across five continents.

  • Plantcorcs
  • Synthetic
  • Natural
  • Screwcap
  • Glass
  • Enology
  • Consumer

About Vinventions

Listening very carefully to our customers, we created Vinventions in 2015 with the mission of becoming the most innovative and most trusted global supplier of complete wine closure solutions to the still and sparkling wine industry

With its complete portfolio of closure solutions, Vinventions strives to provide sustainable high-performance products and services that are truly unique and innovative. The ultimate objective is to ensure that each and every Vinventions offering is "best in class" with value-added and differentiated performance, design, and sustainability characteristics.

Vinventions’ brands span every major closure category – Nomacorc PlantCorcs™, Ohlinger Natural Corks, Vintop Screwcaps, Syntek Synthetic Corks and Vinolok Glass Closures.

The performance of Vinventions product brands are further enhanced by Wine Quality Solutions which include oenological devices, equipment and services that improve the quality and consistency of wine through real-time quality control.

Vinventions Wine Marketing Solutions bring a scientific approach to the art of wine marketing with services including neuromarketing, brand promotion programs, packaging design support and consumer research.

Vinventions today has over 550 employees with seven world class production sites located in the United States, Belgium, Germany, Argentina, China, France, and South Africa. Producing over 2.5 billion closures annually, one in every eight bottles of wine sold globally is protected by a Vinventions closure solution.

Vinventions Leadership Team

The company is led by the Vinventions Leadership Team (VLT), created in September 2015 as part of our reorganization. The VLT guides Vinventions’ brands to efficiently operate as we work to realize the mission of Vinventions: to become the most innovative and trusted global supplier of complete wine closure solutions to the still and sparkling wine industry. Having a strong leadership team in place expands our internal capabilities as Vinventions continues to grow, both organically and through future mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

  • Dr. Heino Freudenberg
    President & CEO Vinventions
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  • Malcolm Thompson
    Chief Innovation Officer and President of Americas
  • Denis van Roey
    Chief Financial Officer

Q&A with
Malcolm Thompson

Chief Innovation Officer and President of Americas of Vinventions

”We have an ambitious vision of achieving carbon neutrality. This can only be achieved through innovation and new product designs.”
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Q&A with
Malcolm Thompson
Chief Innovation Officer and President of Americas of Vinventions
What are your primary responsibilities in this role?
To support and lead Vinventions’ organization and associated initiatives in R&D and strategic marketing, including marketing communications and brand management.
With the launch of Nomacorc’s range of plantbased closures, what role do you see sustainability continuing to play in Vinventions’ innovation moving forward?
Sustainability is inherent in our culture and is a guiding corporate principle. As such, it should be a critical consideration in every aspect of our business. Specific to new product development, such as the Nomacorc Green Line, it has become a proactive consideration—sustainability and, in particular, environmental impact, have become an important design criteria— and offers Vinventions an opportunity to bring additional value to our customers. We approach sustainability always with our ultimate vision in mind of achieving carbon neutrality across our entire business.
What were some of the significant impetuses that inspired the creation of the Nomacorc Green Line?
We have always been an innovation driven company with the mission of providing closure solutions that improve the quality of our customers’ wines. Here we feel we have been very successful through our Nomacorc offerings, providing the industry’s most consistent and taint-free closure. However, we believe in continuous improvement and are always looking for the best ways to optimize the performance of our products, particularly relating to wine preservation. At the same time, we realize that while wine quality is of paramount importance, other factors impact the success of our customers’ business and therefore influence their closure requirements. So, in response to our customers’ needs —particularly those of a marketing and commercial nature—we took it upon ourselves to introduce dramatic changes in the cosmetic appeal of our products while at the same time elevating our commitment to the environment through the application of plant-based sustainable technology and raw materials. Performance, design, and sustainability: These are the attributes that define our Nomacorc Green Line and drive our innovation thrusts.
What opportunities do you see for Vinventions to incorporate their sustainable vision in other aspects of the company beyond the Green Line?
Sustainability is an area where we at Vinventions intend to “walk the talk.” We have an ambitious vision of achieving carbon neutrality. This can only be achieved through innovation and new product designs, not limited to Nomacorc Green Line but across the board in all our product brands, including natural cork and screwcaps. Performance, design, and sustainability not only define the Nomacorc line; they apply to all Vinventions products and are critical design attributes that we are focused on and where we intend to differentiate our products versus alternative competitive offerings.
Can you share any exciting new innovations that you are working on?
In addition to the Nomacorc Green Line, our innovation efforts are focused primarily on natural cork and screwcaps. In the coming months, we will be announcing several new products that are based on breakthrough disruptive technologies. It’s too soon to provide specifics, but as a hint of what’s coming down the pike, our developments are guided by the following beliefs:
  • Oxygen management and consistency are essential to wine evolution and need to be optimized in all our closure offerings.
  • Beyond the contribution of precise amounts of oxygen, the closure should not contribute to the sensory attributes of the wine, including taint and off flavors and aromas due to migration of contaminants.
  • Closure design and function should support and enhance consumer perception.
  • Specific to current closure products available in the market:
  • TCA is still a problem with natural corks and agglomerates and should be eliminated.
  • Glue is not good and should not be in contact with the wine.
  • Natural corks in the market today are inconsistent and lead to unfavorable bottle-to-bottle variation.
  • Screwcaps have their place but are difficult to apply, are challenging to decorate, and are very environmentally unfriendly.

Vinventions has taken innovation and sustainability to a new level with the introduction of a next-generation line of products known as Nomacorc Green Line. Nomacorc Green Line is a new “category” of closures using Vinventions proprietary PlantCorc™ technology. It is derived from sustainable, renewable sugarcane-based raw materials which substantially reduce the carbon footprint of these closures below those of most competing products. Nomacorc Green Line products are manufactured using sustainable production processes powered by renewable energy, and they are fully recyclable.

All Nomacorc Green Line products offer dramatic improvements in wine closure performance, design and sustainability. The newest innovation and flagship of the line, Reserva, provides the look and feel of top-quality natural cork and offers up to 25 years of wine preservation. The Select Green closure series delivers up to 15 years of red wine bottle aging while offering a range in oxygen transfer rates that have been customized to provide optimum wine development. Zest, the world's first zero carbon footprint sparkling-wine closure provides TCA-free wine preservation with enhanced aesthetics which perfectly emulate premium natural cork appearance. Classic Green and Smart Green complete the product portfolio; they represent significant improvements in wine preservation, aesthetics and environmental impact.

All Green Line products are manufactured with the latest upgrade to Vinventions’ patented co-extrusion technology. They ensure bottle-to-bottle consistency and eliminate faults due to oxidation, reduction and off-flavors associated with TCA and other contaminants. The passion for solving problems and creating better solutions that inspired original Nomacorc inventors Gert Noel and Ed Lauer is still very much alive at Vinventions as evidenced by Nomacorc Green Line.

Nomacorc Reserva
The new benchmark of performance, design, and sustainability
Gert Noel (left) and
Ed Lauer (right),
creators of Nomacorc
Synthetic closures

The Nomacorc Green Line is designed for extended wine-preservation performance in premium wines, whereas Vinventions’ Syntek line provides a cost-effective closure alternative for low-cost fast-rotation wines which still demand taint-free and consistent preservation performance at very economical price points. The Syntek line consists of both highly consistent co-extruded closures based on Nomacorc patented co-extrusion technology, along with robust and reliable injection-molded products optimized to emulate the appearance of natural cork.

The core product in this range is Excellia, which was made for economical wines requiring upwards of 2 years’ wine preservation free from fault and consistent in oxygen management performance. As the name implies, Eco is Vinventions’ most economical closure; it is positioned against poor-quality agglomerated cork closures and offers TCA- and glue-free wine preservation for wines to be consumed in months as opposed to years. For customers who prefer the appearance of injection-molded vs. extruded synthetic closures, Supreme offers unique aesthetics that emulate natural cork. All Syntek products are produced via lean manufacturing at the Vinventions facility in Perpignan, France. This site is close to most major markets with closure needs that are well addressed by the Syntek line.

Co-extruded synthetic closure
Injection-molded closure
Natural Corks

Ohlinger has long been recognized as a leading brand in the high-end, premium-quality natural cork domain with closures that provide consistent taint-free performance. Founded in Germany by Rudolf Ohlinger Sr. in the early 1950s, the company has a rich legacy in natural cork, spanning decades of history and looking back on a breadth of experience that ranges from the forest to finishing. Ohlinger-branded natural corks are thoughtfully created using the industry's most effective and leading-edge methods for minimizing the presence of TCA and other unwelcomed contaminants that may impart unfavorable aromas and tastes to the wines they preserve.

Ohlinger Selektion represents the pinnacle in natural cork performance, with each individual cork assessed for TCA content and off aromas. This ensures 100% guaranteed TCA and off-flavor performance.

One new and extremely exciting addition to the Ohlinger line is SÜBR, the world's most sustainable micro-agglomerated natural cork. Developed in partnership with Cork Supply, the leading global provider of best-in-class premium natural cork, SÜBR is a truly breakthrough innovation well positioned to redefine what a high-performance micro-agglomerated cork should be. SÜBR contains no polyurethane glue and consists largely of natural cork, which makes it acceptable for all wines in all wine regions. It provides safe, clean, compliant, and migration-free wine preservation, coupled with unmatched sustainability attributes that include long-term biodegradability, a low carbon footprint, and full recyclability. With these features, SÜBR is destined to set a new world standard for high-performance natural cork closures intended for fine wine preservation.

the world’s most sustainable micro-agglomerated natural cork
Ohlinger Selektion
guaranteed free from TCA taint and other off flavors
Rudolf Ohlinger Senior
founder of Ohlinger
Selektion Corks

Selecting the finest of cork stoppers.

  • Raw Material

    More than 20 years of continuous sensorial testing in combination with multiple TCA analysis‘ of our cork products led to an exceptional quality in terms of their sensorial consistency. But there is always a step further. We are proud to be able to offer a product line on top.

  • The way we do it

    Cork sensory usually is a destroying test. Performed on a representative sample it is providing information regarding the entire batch of corks. With the development of a very special way of sensory test our SELEKTION corks leave this absolute reliable selection procedure untouched – fit for preserving the best wines.

  • One by One

    Each single SELEKTION cork is prepared in a particular way and tested for its sensorial purity.
    Even slightest deviations lead to an exclusion from the SELEKTION.

  • Your benefit

    SELEKTION gives the winemaker the assurance that his best wines are protected by the best corks. Without having to fear undesirable sensorial influences of the corkstoppers.

Screwcap closures

Vinventions’ Vintop line of high-performance srewcap closures is perfect for wines which require a new-world look and cater to consumers who appreciate the convenience of a screwcap. Created primarily for premium wines, with customized multi-feature cap designs, Vintop offers a full range of design options ranging from traditional offset to more premium hot stamp printed closures.

In response to increased health and environmental concerns about lining systems with chlorine, Vinventions has developed a proprietary screwcap liner technology that is halogene-free, pressure resistant even for sparkling wines, and truly sustainable with long-term biodegradability. Due for release in 2017, this breakthrough liner development will be available exclusively in Vintop products offered by Vinventions.

Due for release in 2017, this breakthrough liner development will be available exclusively in Vintop products offered by Vinventions.

Vintop - Screwcaps
with multi- design feature option
German technology + refined design

Vintop is a technically advanced screw cap with virtually unlimited design possibilities. Our range of customized colors, high quality embossing, wide selection of hot stamping foils, offset and silk screen printing can reinvent your product´s image.

  • Consultation

    Your ideas and requirements.
    Our input and suggestions.
    Focusing on your needs,
    we offer solutions in a package.

  • Artwork

    We provide recommendations on your designs and add the necessary technical adjustments.

  • Matching

    We are able to match your corporate design to your wine packaging with customized pre-approved sampling.

  • Production

    Trustworthy, accurate,
    reliable, reproducible.
    A high quality product:
    Made in Germany.

Vintop – Decoration options
  • Standard colors

    Over 100 standard colors form the foundation of our portfolio serve the needs of nearly every winery and spirits producer.

  • Individual colors

    Looking for a special color to complement your brand design? Working with your label or Pantone number, we can match the right colour for you.

  • Finish

    Our satin, matte and glossy finishes put the final touch on your closure.

  • Liners

    Vintop can be equipped with all available liners for still and carbonised wines.

  • Offset

    Multicolor offset solutions create a perfect match to your brand packaging.

  • Silk screen

    Our silk screen printing produces very special decoration effects by itself and can also be combined with hotfoil.

  • Hotfoil

    Stunningly beautiful hotfoil colors elevate your wine packaging to a design masterpiece.

  • Top embossing

    Our high quality embossing makes sure your closure gets noticed and sets your bottle apart from the competition.

Glass closures

Vinventions is proud to include in its portfolio a solution that many consider the crème-de-la-crème of wine closures – the luxurious Vinolok glass closure.

Custom engineered, Vinolok delivers fault-free, predictable wine preservation. It creates a premium distinction on a crowded wine shelf and gives the wine connoisseur a very special opening experience. Offered through an international distribution partnership with Vinventions’ strategic partner Preciosa, Vinolok is in a class of its own. Wineries can look forward to the ultimate in packaging design and marketing appeal which is ideal for finer quality wines or for premium wines seeking to elevate their value perception through package-design enhancements.

Vinolok is available in most global wine markets exclusively through Vinventions and comes in an extensive range of decoration options typically customized to optimize overall package aesthetics. And, to help facilitate and optimize total package design incorporating Vinolok closures, Vinventions offers a complete solution package in specific markets. The package includes a selection of compatible bottles and capsules as well as bottling line equipment and support.

Vinolok glass closures
Ultimate luxury to enhance wine brands

In 2006 we started our research journey to understand how oxygen ingress through the closure as a function of grape type and variety, wine making techniques, oxygen management practice, bottling line performance and other parameters influence wine development.

Our findings were ultimately integrated into future closure designs including the Select Green Series with each product having a customized oxygen ingress rate specifically chosen to provide optimum wine development just as the wine maker intended.

With WQS, we have further applied our expertise to developing a line of uniquely innovative analyzers, equipment and services designed to provide real-time wine quality control. The flagship product of the line, NomaSense O2 P300 & P6000, is now regarded as the industry standard for precisely measuring oxygen at every point in the wine-making process, most notably bottling. NomaSense Polyscan B200 is based on a breakthrough technology platform that now permits real-time phenolic measurement. It features future potential as a universal measuring device for a host of important wine quality parameters. The entire line of WQS quality control tools and services is offered to Vinventions customers and wineries seeking ways to optimize wine making, bottling, and wine preservation.

Learn more

NomaSense O2 P300
The reference TPO meter and oxygen
Analyzer in the wine industry
Consumer insights

Wine Marketing Solutions (WMS) is an innovative line of specialized services offered to Vinventions’ customers to improve how they market their wines. It is analogous to WQS, which was designed to assist wineries on a quest to improve the quality of their wines.

The newest member of the Vinventions House of Brands, WMS is still in its infancy, but several exciting initiatives are far down the development path. This includes leading-edge neuromarketing programs which utilize a scientific methodology to analyze and predict consumer behavior in response to specific marketing stimuli. WMS also helps and inspires wineries through experience sharing and case studies related to value-adding packaging; a special emphasis is placed on sustainability. Co-marketing programs to promote wine brands, importer- and retailer-to-winery facilitation programs, and consumer research services are all part of the WMS service line up. There is much more to come from WMS!