House of 7 Brands

As the most comprehensive provider of closure solutions worldwide, Vinventions’ “House of 7 Brands” includes a portfolio of seven product and services brands designed to support the diverse requirements of still and sparkling wine producers across five continents. Vinventions strives to provide closure solutions that maximize performance, design, and sustainability, thanks to its uniquely innovative brands that span every major closure category including Nomacorc PlantCorcs™, Ohlinger Natural Corks, Vintop Screwcaps, Syntek Synthetic Corks and Vinolok Glass Closures.

The performance of Vinventions product brands are further enhanced by Wine Quality Solutions which include enological devices, equipment and services that improve the quality and consistency of wine through realtime quality control.

Vinventions Wine Marketing Solutions bring a scientific approach to the art of wine marketing with services including neuromarketing, brand promotion programs, packaging design support and consumer research.

The Moment of Truth

Making wine is a wonderful, yet demanding journey, that – every day – requires dedication, expertise,
attention to details, passion, faith, and courage to create and innovate in the face of unpredictable weather conditions and natural phenomena.

At the end of this vibrant journey, there is a significant moment: The “Moment of Truth”, when we swirl the wine in our glass and have our five senses embrace it. This Moment of Truth is what Vinventions is set out to protect and enhance for our customers – using our complete wine closure solutions to make every bottle better! Consequently, we have chosen our new Vinventions logo to celebrate this Moment of Truth – as symbol of our passion and our dedication to our customers and the success of their wines.


We help wineries and retailers ensure their wines present as intended,
delight the consumer and succeed in the marketplace.


Be the most innovative and most trusted global supplier of complete wine closure solutions
to the still and sparkling wine industry.

Management Team

The company is led by the Vinventions Leadership Team (VLT), created in September 2015 as part of our reorganization. The VLT guides Vinventions’ brands to efficiently operate as we work to realize the mission of Vinventions: to become the most innovative and trusted global supplier of complete wine closure solutions to the still and sparkling wine industry. Having a strong leadership team in place expands our internal capabilities as Vinventions continues to grow, both organically and through future mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

Dr. Heino Freudenberg

President & CEO Vinventions

Malcolm Thompson

Chief Innovation Officer and President of Americas

Denis van Roey

Chief Financial Officer

Geert Pijper

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer