In 2006 Vinventions started a research journey to understand how oxygen ingress through the closure influences wine development across a variety of functions: grape varietal and type, winemaking techniques, oxygen management practices, bottling line performance and other parameters.

These researches, conducted in collaboration with 14 academic institutions around the world, enabled to acquire a solid expertise in gas management during the winemaking process, bottling, and post-bottling storage as well as on other key parameters of wine quality such as color, polyphenols and carbon dioxide.

With WQS, Vinventions has further applied its expertise to developing a line of uniquely innovative analyzers, equipment and services designed to provide real-time wine quality control. 

The WQS offer allows in fine providing winemakers with decision support tools and customized services to achieve the desired wine style and ensure lasting success.


  • Award-winning technologies
  • Breakthrough solutions to winemaking challenges
  • Real-time quality control
  • Leading-edge quality management tools and services
  • Based on more than 10 years research and development


  • Wines enjoyed as winemakers intended
  • Advance color management
  • Best aromatic profile expression
  • Unique support for quality improvement programs


  • Wine shelf-life extension
  • Reduced spoilage and consumer complaints
  • Long-lasting brand success on the market
  • Increased customer loyalty

The entire line of WQS quality control tools and services is offered to Vinventions customers and wineries seeking ways to optimize wine making, bottling, and wine preservation.

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