Wine Marketing Solutions (WMS) is an innovative line of specialized services offered to Vinventions’ customers to improve how they market their wines. It is analogous to WQS, which was designed to assist wineries on a quest to improve the quality of their wines.

The newest member of the Vinventions House of Brands, WMS is still in its infancy, but several exciting initiatives are far down the development path. This includes leading-edge neuromarketing programs which utilize a scientific methodology to analyze and predict consumer behavior in response to specific marketing stimuli.


  • Scientific marketing
  • Unbiased approaches
  • Digital and direct consumer studies
  • Breakthrough neuromarketing solutions
  • Brand and packaging case studies


  • Consumer-tested packaging solutions
  • Market-vetted brand positioning
  • Co-marketing programs
  • Eco-design packaging solutions


  • Enhanced brand equity
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Complete organic and natural
  • Wine packaging solutions

WMS also helps and inspires wineries through experience-sharing and case studies related to value- adding packaging; a special emphasis is placed on sustainability. Co-marketing programs to promote wine brands, importer- and retailer-to-winery facilitation programs, and consumer research services are all part of the WMS service lineup.

There is much more to come from WMS!