Vinventions is proud to include in its portfolio a solution that many consider the crème-de-la-crème of wine closures– the luxurious Vinolok glass closure.

Custom engineered, Vinolok delivers fault-free, predictable wine preservation. It creates a premium distinction on a crowded wine shelf and gives the wine connoisseur a very special opening experience. Offered through an international distribution partnership with Vinventions’ strategic partner Preciosa, Vinolok is in a class of its own. Wineries can look forward to the ultimate in packaging design and marketing appeal which is ideal for finer quality wines or for premium wines seeking to elevate their value perception through package-design enhancements.


  • Consistent OTR performance and wine development
  • High glass stability and food contact sealing ring
  • Absolutely no impact on aroma and flavor
  • Easy opening and closing


  • Uniquely luxurious appearance
  • Extensive customization possibilities
  • Multiple decoration options including colors, metallics, sparkles and wood


  • Clean, pure and inert glass construction
  • Fully compliant of regulations governing direct wine contact

Vinolok is available in Germany, Italy, Sapin, North-America, South-America and China exclusively through Vinventions* and comes in an extensive range of decoration options typically customized to enhance overall package aesthetics.