News published in 2019

Wine Marketing Exchange

Vinventions' 2nd Annual Wine Marketing Awards & Vinnies - Enter Now to Win!

We are proud to announce our continued partnership with Sonoma State University and Wine Business Monthly, along with Cork Supply USA, for the return of the Wine Marketing Awards in 2019. Entry submissions are due by November 26, 2019. Awards will be announced January 31, 2020.

Getting (Bottle) Closure in the Wine Industry

Vinventions' products and global service offerings are featured in the September issue of Manufacturing in Focus magazine.

Vinventions & Nomacorc founder Marc Noël nominated for Wine Enthusiast Wine Star 2019 Innovator of the Year

For the second consecutive year, Vinventions and Nomacorc founder, Marc Noël, was nominated for the Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards, Innovator of the Year.

"Building a Better Cork"

From the creation of Nomacorc to the innovation of sustainable closures, read the article of Sophie Menin on Vinventions story.

Vinventions Revolutionizes Recycling: Giving Corks “Endless Circles of Life” as New Closures

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Dr. Heino Freudenberg, President & CEO of Vinventions, announced that the company will pilot the world's first truly circular wine closure recycling initiative together with industry partner SABIC as well as Unilever and others starting in 2019.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine: Marc Noël on Creating Nomacorc

Sean Sullivan of Wine Enthusiast spoke with Vinventions and Nomacorc founder, Marc Noël, about innovation in the closures market.

News published in 2018

Nomacorc Reserva Closures and High-End Wines: An Ideal Match for Consumers

Vinventions, the leading wine closure solutions provider worldwide, conducted a study to understand the correspondence between its Nomacorc Reserva closure and high-end wines in consumers’ minds.

Vinventions Fully Embraces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Leading wine closure solutions provider commits to Circular Economy

Vinventions Awarded Prestigious Red Dot Design Award for New Corporate Design

We aim high and we aspire for excellence in everything we do—that is also true for what concerns design. We are honored that the new Vinventions corporate design, launched one year ago, has won a prestigious award for Corporate Design at the renowned International Red Dot Design Award.

Vinventions Founder Marc Noël nominated for 2018 Innovator of the Year Award

Vinventions and Nomacorc founder Marc Noël continues his legacy of disrupting the wine world with consistent out-of-the-box vision. He is nominated to win a Wine Star Award for 2018 Innovator of the Year from Wine Enthusiast.

Sustainability is a "Competitive Necessity," Vinventions' CEO Tells Drinks Business

Sustainability, circular economy, and giving second life to products through recycling are all fundamental principles that have become a competitive necessity. The market is ready to embrace change and adopt closures that fit with these principles.