Barolo Week Wine Tasting with Fontanafredda & Vinventions

What: Taste The Difference wine tasting
When: October 24th @ 4 pm ET
Where: Eataly NYC Downtown

During the month of October, Eataly stores across the world host Barolo Week[s], a global celebration of the iconic wine of the Piedmont region of Italy that aims to introduce a new generation of wine drinkers to these internationally-renowned wines.

As part of this week-long celebration, Vinventions and Fontanafredda are pleased to invite you a special tasting event of Barolo Serralunga and other wines. This unique experience will allow you to discover the impact that a closure can have on these classic wines, brought to you by the closure solutions from Vinventions.

Oct 24, 2018

Taste The Difference

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