News published in 2019

A Look at the Shortlist Nominees for the Born Digital Wine Awards' Innovation Award by Vinventions

As the Born Digital Wine Awards come to its final stages for this year with some incredible shortlisted entries, we want to share how the Innovation Awards entries went.

Vinventions Hosts Wine Closure Masterclass at 2019 ASI Competition

Vinventions will offer a special tasting session during the 2019 ASI Contest of the Best Sommelier of the World.

Vinventions Revolutionizes Recycling: Giving Corks “Endless Circles of Life” as New Closures

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Dr. Heino Freudenberg, President & CEO of Vinventions, announced that the company will pilot the world’s first truly circular wine closure recycling initiative together with industry partner SABIC as well as Unilever and others starting in 2019.  

News published in 2018

SÜBR F70 Receives Special Mention at 21st Innovation Trophies of Vinitech-Sifel

Vinventions is proud to announce that our new Ohlinger SÜBR F70 cork has received a special mention at the 21st Innovation Trophies of the Vinitech-Sifel, the leading international tradeshow for vine and wine.

Born Digital Wine Awards and Vinventions Announce New Partnership for 2018 Awards

The Born Digital Wine Awards and Vinventions join forces to create innovative categories and awards to reward content creators pushing the frontiers of communication

How Innovation And Sustainability Share A Bottle Of Wine

Vinventions is featured in a news issue by the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium sharing the story of our latest innovations—including the world's first zero-carbon-footprint wine closure from Nomacorc and SÜBR, the world's most sustainable and first glue-free micro-agglomerated closure.

Vinventions is a proud sponsor of Best Sommelier of the World 2019

Sommeliers are important members of the wine industry and their trust in our closures is important for us. They are the guardians of the wine bottle opening ceremony and with their work, Sommeliers tell the story of the wine, and the closure is a chapter of that story.

TOP ART: What's Happening in the World of Closures and Capsules

Malcolm Thompson, Chief Innovation Officer and President of the Americas at Vinventions, is featured in the September issue of Spirited Magazine in an article looking at what's new in the world of wine closures.

Vinventions Founder Marc Noël nominated for 2018 Innovator of the Year Award

Vinventions and Nomacorc founder Marc Noël continues his legacy of disrupting the wine world with consistent out-of-the-box vision. He is nominated to win a Wine Star Award for 2018 Innovator of the Year from Wine Enthusiast.

Top 100 Most Influential People in the U.S. Wine Industry - 2018

We are honored to have Marc Noel, founder of Vinventions, on the list of 100 most influential people in the US Wine Industry in 2018.

Vinventions Announces Strategic Shift to Advance Sustainability Initiatives

Top wine closure solutions provider strengthens company’s commitment to Sustainability.

2016 PAX Sonoma Hillsides Syrah - 100 points, Vinous

California winemaker and Vinventions customer Pax Mahle’s 2016 PAX Sonoma Hillsides Syrah, sealed with Nomacorc Select Green, was recently awarded 100 points by Antonio Galloni of Vinous.

Vinventions and Vinolok to Shift Strategic Focus

Leading Wine Closure Solution provider Vinventions and Vinolok agree to cease collaborative partnership to pursue separate strategic objectives.

The Tech and Innovation Behind 2.7 Billion Wine Closures

Vinventions' own Chief Innovation Officer and President, Americas, Malcolm Thompson, joins The Tech Blog Writer Podcast to discuss the latest innovations from Vinventions and the company's continued growth as the second largest wine closure supplier worldwide.

Vinventions and Alplast Announce Wine Screwcap Acquisition

Vinventions, the leading global provider of Complete Wine Closure Solutions, and Alplast S.r.l., a leading producer of high-quality closures for wine and general food, have announced that the 30 x 60 wine screwcap business of Alplast will join the renowned Vinventions Group starting May 1, 2018.

Vinventions Announces Successful Group Refinancing to Support Future Growth

Vinventions, the most innovative and most trusted provider of Complete Wine Closure Solutions worldwide, announces today the successful completion of its Group Refinancing to support its growth plans.

Cork Remains King But Now Shares The Market With 4 Alternative Bottle Closures

With at least five closure choices for winemakers today, Vinventions has best-in-class offerings for all wine closure solution categories, protecting every 8th bottle worldwide.

Innovation Drives Vinventions’ Global Growth

Vinventions, the global leader in Complete Wine Closure Solutions, has announced that it delivered 2.7 billion closures in 2017, a considerable growth from 2.5 billion in 2016, placing itself as the second biggest wine closure provider globally with 13% world market share.

Closing Remarks: Three California Winemakers Discuss Why They Use Evolutionary Nomacorc Wine Closures

In a response that manages to appeal to both nostalgia and innovation, global wine industry solutions company Vinventions has introduced a completely natural cork substitute—Nomacorc PlantCorcs™—that offers all the advantages of bark-derived cork without any of the disadvantages.

Vinventions and Enartis USA Partner to Offer Wine Quality Solutions to Winemakers across North America

Vinventions and Wine Quality Solutions, and Enartis USA, a world leader in premium enological tools and analytics, have today announced a new partnership to offer best-in-class winemaking services across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Cork Makers are "Suffering from Kodak Syndrome"

"We exist as a company because the market started wanting different things. Innovation and sustainability are the main drivers behind our growth."

News published in 2017

Vinventions Unveils New Logos and the Consolidation of Legal Entity Names

Leading Wine Closure Solution provider unveils new logos for Vinventions Group and for its successful House of 7 Brands; Consolidates its companies under the name “Vinventions” globally.

Vinventions 2016 CSR Report

Vinventions releases its annual Corporate Social Responsibility report for the 2016 reporting year.

PlantCorc™ Emerges as the Fastest-Growing Wine Closure Category Worldwide

Nomacorc PlantCorc closures by Vinventions report strong growth momentum based on H1 2017 sales.