The Moment of Truth

We are re-branding, and as we sit here collecting our thoughts about the process, the difficulties, the lessons, and incredible experiences the re-branding of a company can offer, we realize how big the project we are launching today is.

It is not only about the launch of our new corporate identity to the over 550 associates located in our 8 production sites worldwide. It is not only about the relaunch of our new product and service brands logos. It is about the execution of the Vision of a man who founded Nomacorc and built it to become the successful and innovative company it is today. But this is just one part of the story.

The beginning of our re-branding story dates back to 2005, when our founder and Chairman, Marc Noël, had an enlightening moment of truth. At an important meeting, one of our biggest customers said: “Marc, Nomacorc might not be a large company in the wine industry, but you have distribution and presence in over 20 countries, arguably one of the best industry presence in the world.”

That was the moment, when listening to one of our biggest customers, he started to develop a Vision of transforming “Nomacorc the product company” to “Nomacorc the Solutions company.”

To start implementing this vision, he had to wait due to the recession, but with a very concrete plan in hand and with two great supporting minds, in 2013 the name “Vinventions” was born as a project code-name.

The Vision of becoming the world’s most innovative and trusted Complete Closure Solutions provider started taking shape when Vinventions bought Nomacorc in early 2015. The following two years were marked by other acquisitions and partnerships to shape the initial Vision into a reality.

Today we are ready to launch what since has become a unique model in our industry, namely “Vinventions — The House of 7 Brands.” Our “House of 7 Brands” offers leading innovations in all seven closure segments to deliver complete wine closure solutions to wineries, bottlers and retailers around the globe. This business model is set to change the tone of the conversations around wine closures.

How do we become the most innovative and trusted global supplier of Complete Closure Solutions? We listen to and understand the oenological, technical and commercial vision of our customers. There is no right or wrong closure. There are different closures that serve different purposes, and as Vinventions we have our House of 7 Brands to respond to these different customer demands. That is what we do: We serve to make every bottle better!

Making wine is a wonderful, yet demanding, journey that — every day — requires dedication, expertise, attention to details, passion, faith, hope and courage to create and innovate in the face of unpredictable weather conditions and natural phenomena. However, at the end of this vibrant journey, there is a significant moment: The “Moment of Truth,” when we swirl the wine in our glass and have our five senses embrace it.

Every wine has its moment of truth. That moment might be at a wine competition, at a dinner table with friends, at a party, or on the sofa of a living room. As Vinventions, our highest purpose is to protect and enhance this Moment of Truth by making every bottle better with our Complete Closure Solutions. This is our story, and how we aim to make sure every bottle sealed with our closures will have their perfect Moment of Truth.

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