SÜBR F70 Receives Special Mention at 21st Innovation Trophies of Vinitech-Sifel

Vinventions is proud to announce that our new Ohlinger SÜBR F70 cork has received a special mention at the 21st Innovation Trophies of the Vinitech-Sifel, the leading international tradeshow for vine and wine.

SÜBR F70 is the world's most sustainable, glue-free, and TCA-taint-free micro-agglomerated cork with natural design. Being made in majority from TCA-taint-free cork granules, it combines high performance with outstanding design for closing premium wines with long-term cellar aging.

The real innovation of SÜBR F70 lies in its patented biodegradable plant-based binder material, also commonly used in biodegradable food packaging. This binder is fully glue-free, making SÜBR F70 work safe to produce, and is recyclable, and long-term biodegradable without the risk of harmful substances leeching out in the environment. Being recyclable & biodegradable, the cork presents consumers with innovative solutions to give it a valuable second life. In its natural lifecycle from cradle to cradle, SÜBR F70 is truly the first closure in its category to be completely glue-free and is specially designed to fit a circular economy philosophy.

The combination of long-term cellar aging performance, fit for circular economy, and natural design makes SÜBR F70 a truly innovative cork for the wine industry, which will be presented to the public for the first time at the Vinitech Bordeaux 2018.

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