Vinventions is a proud sponsor of Best Sommelier of the World 2019

50 years after the first edition of the world’s most prestigious sommelier competition in Brussels (1969), the “A.S.I. Best Sommelier of the World” is returning to Belgium once again. Over 65 sommeliers from 62 countries will be competing for the title of Best Sommelier in the World in Antwerp, from 11th-15th March 2019.

Sommeliers are important members of the wine industry and their trust in our closures is important for us. They are the guardians of the wine bottle opening ceremony and with their work, Sommeliers tell the story of the wine, and the closure is a chapter of that story.

Our aim is to contribute to the industry’s growth by providing sustainable, high-performance closures that guarantee consistent quality of the wines, resulting in peace of mind both for the winemaker and for the person opening the bottle. Sommeliers are on the front line of this process and Vinventions is excited to build relationships and partnerships with the global Sommelier community.

Vinventions helps winemakers and wineries around the globe protect their wines so that they taste, look, feel and delight as intended. Every 7th bottle of wine worldwide is entrusted to the company and 86% of the top-50 largest wineries around the globe rely on Vinventions’ closures. At the same time, many of the world’s premium 90+ point “icon” wines, from renowned regions like Bourgogne, Piemonte, Ribera del Duero, Mosel, Napa and Mendoza, place their trust in Vinventions.

In 2019, the World’s Best Sommelier Competition will take place in Belgium, in the heart of Europe where one of our plants is located. It’s important for Vinventions to participate in this prestigious rendez-vous with the global Sommelier community, and to share with them a “Taste The Difference” tasting event: a unique experimental tasting during which the team will present the same wine, bottled on the same day, under the same conditions, but sealed with different Nomacorc Green Line closures. The goal of these experiments is not to prove that one closure is better than another, but to underline the importance of the closure itself with different permeabilities and learn more by encouraging people to Taste The Difference.

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