Vintop, an innovative, highly decorated long skirted screwcap.

Vinventions’ Vintop line of high-performance screwcaps closures is perfect for wines which require a new-world look and cater to consumers who appreciate the convenience of a screwcap.

Created primarily for premium wines, with customized multi-feature cap designs, Vintop offers a full range of design options ranging from traditional offset to hot-foil printing and top embossed closures.

Vintop screwcaps are offered with a variety of liners: traditional Tin-Saran™ liners, efficient Saranex™ liners and the newly developed VinOH liner, a chlorine-free liner responding to the increased health and environmental concerns.
Vintop offers 80 standard colors for short and reliable lead times.


Vintop Premium

Premium screwcaps

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Screwcaps with multi- design feature option

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