Worldwide leader in co-extruded wine closures.

Syntek line provides a cost-effective closure alternative for low-cost fast-rotation wines which still demand taint-free and consistent preservation performance at very economical price points. The Syntek line consists of both highly consistent co-extruded closures based on Nomacorc patented co-extrusion technology, along with robust and reliable injection molded products optimized to emulate the appearance of natural cork.

The core product in this range is Excellia, which is produced by co-extrusion and designed for economical wines requiring upwards of 2 years’ wine preservation free from fault and consistent in oxygen management performance. As the name implies, Eco is Vinventions’ most economical closure; it is positioned against poor-quality agglomerated cork closures and offers TCA- and glue-free wine preservation for wines to be consumed in months as opposed to years.

For customers who prefer the appearance of injection molded vs. extruded synthetic closures, Supremecorq offers unique aesthetics that emulate natural cork.



Co-extruded synthetic closure


Injection-molded closure


Co-extruded synthetic closure