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Ohlinger has long been recognized as a leading brand in the high-end, premium-quality natural cork domain with closures that provide consistent taint-free performance. Founded in Germany by Rudolf Ohlinger Sr. in the early 1950s, the company has a rich legacy in natural cork, spanning decades of history and looking back on a breadth of experience that ranges from the forest to finishing. Ohlinger-branded natural corks are thoughtfully created using the industry’s most effective and leading-edge methods for minimizing the presence of TCA and other unwelcomed contaminants that may impart unfavorable aromas and tastes to the wines they preserve.

Ohlinger Selektion represents the pinnacle in natural cork performance, with each individual cork assessed for TCA content and off aromas. This ensures 100 % guaranteed TCA and off-flavor performance.


One new and extremely exciting addition to the Ohlinger line is SÜBR, the world’s most sustainable microagglomerated natural cork. Developed in partnership with Cork Supply, the leading global provider of best-in-class premium natural cork, SÜBR is a truly breakthrough innovation well positioned to redefine what a high-performance micro-agglomerated cork should be. SÜBR contains no polyurethane glue and consists largely of natural cork, which makes it acceptable for all wines in all wine regions. It provides safe, clean, compliant, and migration-free wine preservation, coupled with unmatched sustainability attributes that include long-term biodegradability, a low carbon footprint, and full recyclability. With these features, SÜBR is destined to set a new world standard for high-performance natural cork closures intended for fine wine preservation.


Ohlinger Selektion

Guaranteed free from TCA taint and other off flavors

Ohlinger SÜBR

The world's  most sustainable micro-agglomerated natural cork

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